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David Charles


About this campaign

I'm cycling ~1,800km from Rome to Athens because I vehemently believe that borders are really dumb.

Everyone should be able to roam the earth freely and that's why I support the work that Help Refugees are doing to help refugees get a foothold in life.

As one of the lucky, lucky humans who haven't had their home village bombed to pieces, I like to do what I can to support those who aren't so fortunate. If that involves cycling an awfully long way in 35 degree heat, then so be it.

If you think that helping refugees is a generally good idea, then I'd be super grateful if you could donate whatever you can afford. Having visited projects supported by Help Refugees all over Europe, I can reassure you that the work they do is of immense practical support to actual human beings every day.

Thank you in advance for being so generous!

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